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Ado-Odo/Ota APC Reps Primary Election: How Ojugbele Nearly Distrupted The Process

The primary election for Ado-Odo/Ota, Ogun State Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives for the All Progressives Congress (APC) was allegedly nearly disrupted by agents of Hon. Jimoh Ojugbele, the incumbent Reps member from the area.

Recall that the primary election was postponed on Friday May 27, 2022 to Sunday May 29 due to logistics problem.

But despite this, sources at the venue of the election alleged that Ojugbele and his agents almost scuttled a process that started on a peaceful note, but that they were stopped by the eagle eye security operatives.

“The venue of the Primary Election, Alamuwa Grammar School, Ado-Odo witnessed high presence of security officials on Sunday, 29th of May, 2022.

“Their objective is to ensure the process of electing the APC flag bearer for Ado-Odo/Ota Federal Constituency was conducted without any form of breakdown of law and order.

“The process kick started with accreditation of delegates while the leaders of the Party delivered goodwill message through a former House of Representatives member, Hon. Kazeem Salako. Hon. Salako reiterated the resolution of the leadership of the party to the delegates.

“He charged the delegates to cast their vote and exit the hall as soon as they are done. Other leaders who joined Hon. Salako include, Hon. Lai Taiwo, Chairman, House of Assembly Service Commission, Hon. Sheriff Musa, Local Government Chairman, Alh. Azeez Muhammed (Ekweme), APC Ogun West Senatorial Chairman, Chief Yomi Olojeloju, Member, APC State Excos and Agent for Hon. Jimoh Ojugbele, Chief Sesan Fagbayi, Commissioner in the Local Government Service Commission and Agent for Engr. Tunji Akinosi, Chief J.J Akeran, APC LG Party Chairman,” said a source.

It was gathered that with clear and unambiguous understanding of the direction of the party as to who to present as flagbearer for the Federal Constituency, the election proper started.

The voting reportedly went on seamlessly and peacefully.

“At a point, Chief Yomi Olojeloju who is the Agent for Hon. Jimoh Ojugbele left the designated area for Agents and started approaching delegates on their seat.

“The security men present inside the hall upon seeing this trespassing and violation, cautioned Hon. Ojugbele’s Agent.

“While Chief Yomi Olojeloju, who is also a Senior Legislative Aide to Hon. Ojugbele was resisting the directive of the security men, some thugs sympathetic to him invaded the hall and stirred up chaos.

“As at the time this happened, about 15 wards out of 16 had voted. In a bid to protect the ballot box from being taken away, the Presiding officer held on to it.

“When the chaos seemed uncontrollable, the Presiding officer with the aid of security men tried to move the ballot box into a security vehicle.

“Chief Yomi Olojeloju and his boys prevented this from happening and created a chaotic scene.

“No leader of the party especially those mentioned above was close to the scene of the pandemonium.

“It is rather unbelievable to see that some leaders’ names were mentioned on social media as promoters of the violence.

“The Local Government Chairman, Hon. Sheriff Adewale Musa was emphatic about his role as the Chief Security Officer of the Local Government Area while advising the security men to ensure lives and properties were well secured.

“Clearly, Engr. Tunji Akinosi was leading in the polls before the venue was disrupted by unscrupulous elements sponsored by Chief Yomi Olojeloju and his principal, Hon. Jimoh Ojugbele,” a source said.

We were further informed that the result of the election was being collated and would soon be released.

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