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‘Deranged, Reckless, Mischievous And Psychopathic Nincompoop’ Quadri And His Campaign Of Calumny!


“They have no knowledge of such a thing, nor their fathers. Grievous is the word that comes forth from their mouth. What they say is nothing but falsehood.” (Q.18:5)

If I were the Governor of Ogun State, H.E Prince Dapo Abiodun, if he truly knew one Dr Quadri who wrote a terrible piece that motivated this commentary of mine, I would classify Dr Quadri as a deranged, reckless, mischievous and psychopathic nincompoop whom I would not for any reason want to see around me. But as I am not, I would only take recourse to the Prophet’s statement when he was unjustly persecuted on the day of Taif: God forgives them perhaps something good will come from their future generations.

I believe that the Governor and/or his handlers may subscribe to Prophet Muhammad’s approach by not condescending to dignify the defamatory statements issued against the person of the Governor as one would not bite a dog simply because a dog has bitten one. But I often subscribe to the dictum that you don’t bother to explain yourself to anyone as those who like you don’t need it and those who don’t like you won’t believe it. However, for the right-thinking people who might have read the piece by one Dr Quadri titled, “How to make 4million enemies in 4 years—–The story of Dapo Abiodun’s infamous loss of re-election bid! By insider Dr Quadri”, they would have known that the vituperative piece is nothing but a tirade from a “pained person” who is suffering from an entitlement mentality. Perhaps, entitlement mentality is a narcissistic personality trait— a pattern of self-centred, arrogant thinking and behaviour, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Such people are always reckless, ruthless and defamatory, Dr Quadri exemplified the aforementioned as displayed by the tone, language, mood and message in his puerile piece.

In a period when common sense is no longer common, it would not be surprising that some people would not take effusions that are bereft of an iota of sense with a pinch of salt.  So, the vituperations that “the condescending Quadri” has directed at Dapo Abiodun in his piece would be clinically examined in what follows:

In the opening of his piece, he remarked, “…for someone who had just recently lost his 1st son, who I figure should still be grieving…not the Dapo Abiodun that I know. He shouldn’t be in the race and he morally should not have even attempted it for no reason…”, this is both baseless and scoffing. Life’s denouement is death, and there is no timeline for it. Everyone will die. It is derisive to anchor one’s argument on the death of a member of someone else’s family. Messages can be passed without mockery. Additionally, it is in no way wrong, morally, legally and religiously that the Governor had decided to run for a political post after the death of his son. Even the noble prophet Muhammed did not refuse to perform his religious functions as the head of Muslims when his son died on the day of EID. Therefore, Dr Quadri goofed on that.

He continued: “And What did Dapo Abiodun do as soon as he was sworn in? He first of all cut away all the boys and ladies who stuck out their necks and risked their lives for him. AKA dickson was messed up and handed over a mere special assistant. Myself was thrown out and not given a single appointment or compensation.” The statements above gave the writer away as a disgruntled person who is ready to settle scores through a campaign of calumny. He is like the proverbial leper who could not milk a cow but is ready to spill the milk. He continued to rant throughout the piece on how some people were given the positions of Special Assistants and DG which he referred to as “meagre” and he explained how many people were prevented from clinching contracts.

Unconsciously, Dr Quadri does not realise the fact that he has stated one of the qualities of Prince Dapo Abiodun as a man who does not recklessly award contracts to saboteurs and politicians but professionals. I think that is commendable. He furthered: “Truth is Amosun had a good opportunity at being a.well loved leader. But he bungled it. And I doubt if anyone will ever forgive him. I had gone to his house about 3 times and I loved him from afar.” This shows that Dr Quadri is a pathological liar. He noted he loves Amosun from afar yet he submitted that he had been to his house. The statement, “We were so few, but laden with trusts and love for Dapo that we unboarded everyone well even though we silently knew we were lying.” affirmed his compulsive sense of lying. How do you trust and love someone (Dapo) whom you claimed to be dishonest? Mr Dapo Abiodun would have done himself a great danger and disservice if he had appointed this snake of a man into his government; he is the metaphor for what the Yoruba referred to as “Seku seye”, an unreliable and untrustworthy being.

Dr Quadri needs to note that disappointments were not meant to destroy you. They were meant to strengthen you and give you the fortitude to accomplish your God-given destiny. If the Governor didn’t appoint you, why not focus on your career and make the best out of it? Your claims in the piece showed that you have seen governance as a means to an end and an avenue to loot as you endless wail on the Governor’s refusal to award contracts to allies and favour friends and fanatics above professionalism. Of course, that showed every objective reader of your piece that the charges you levelled against Mr Dapo Abiodun were mere character assassination and publicity stunts.

On the whole, Reed Markham, American Educator, has the best words for Dr Quadri. He admonished: “Mudslinging, Negativity, Cynicism play too large of a role in today’s society. Christmas time can be a time where we take a break from negativity and give the gift of seeing the best in others.” Therefore, mudslinging, lies and blackmail reward nobody. It is only honesty that is the best policy.

Olamilekan Sotayo writes in from Abeokuta.

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