DMO Report On Ogun: Dapo Abiodun Owes Ogun People Explanations


The Ogun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is really worried by the new report from the Debt Management Office, DMO which has once again vindicated our position on the kleptomaniac manners Ogun State is being governed by the Dapo Abiodun led APC government.

According to the recent DMO report,
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Before now, we have, on behalf of people of good conscience asked the ruling APC government under the watch of Prince Dapo Abiodun to desist from conducting the business of government in secrecy. It is really sad that our repeated requests for details of the dealings of the State including all debts and other spendings be brought to the public knowledge has often fallen on deaf ears.

Events since the inception of this administration in 2019 clearly show that the State’s debts keep increasing without any form of commensurate fiscal investments in core areas of physical development of the State. Most of our public amenities are in unpardonable state of unprecedented decay. No part of the State is absolutely safe as incidences of kidnapping and ritual killings stare residents in the face. Our roads are largely impassable. Medical and health services are moribund; just as virtually all categories of workers in the State are being heavily owed. Life has regrettably become nasty, brutish and short. We now wonder what exactly Dapo Abiodun has been doing with Ogun State resources! The only evident project of Mr Governor is his unquenchable thirst for photo ops and laughable chasing of shadows of unmerited reelection; Such calamity shall not resurface in Ogun State again. Amen.

With almost 250 billion naira debt as at June 2022, Dapo Abiodun and members of his gang have successfully enlisted Ogun State, its people and upcoming generations on the threshold of perpetual socioeconomic bondage and servitude. Instead of building enabling prospects of the State, Ogun State monies have steadily taken flight to private vaults both within and outside the State.

It is instructive for members of the public to note that the government under Dapo Abiodun has again refused to update its data and other necessary details to the DMO since June 2022. This simply confirms our fears that Ogun State possibly owes more than DMO knows. For any discerning mind, refusal to update its data is a deliberate attempt by Dapo Abiodun and his gang to further hide the fact from probing eyes of the DMO and of course, members of the public.

Without any further delay, we insist that Dapo Abiodun has more than enough questions and explanations to render to his employers, the good people of Ogun State. He owes the people of Ogun fundamental details of reason why the State is going low on all fronts in his care.

Again, Abiodun and his rudderless APC has manifestly exhibited lack of capacity of leadership to serve Ogun State. The government, under his watch lacks empathy and require competence to drive a process of socioeconomic abundance for the people of Ogun State. Therefore, we enjoin all genuine lovers of Ogun to team up with the PDP to rescue Ogun State from the shackles of Dapo Abiodun and reposition our darling State to its place of pride. Abiodun and his thoroughly damaged ship of hopelessness do not deserve a minute longer in government house.

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