How Fidson Healthcare Became A Giant Pharmaceutical Company! + The magic wand of Fidelis Ayebae


Fidson Healthcare Plc situated at  Otta, Ogun State is not your runoff the mill pharmaceutical company. This is a company that holds an enviable records that even companies that have been in the drug industry years back have not been able to meet.

Led by a very energetic, suave , highly cerebral and charismatic C. E. O and Managing Director Chief Fidelis Ayebae, Fidson Healthcare stands out as a big player in the health sector producing thirty eight different drugs presently.

Fidson Healthcare’s story did not start on a rosy note. It was a humble determined journey that has today resulted in an enviable achievement. Like a minute mustard seed, Chief Ayabae has led the company to the status of an oak.

Fidson Healthcare started  in 1995 as a local distribution company. The company was built on five core values that has continued to be it’s hallmark till date. The values are Innovation, Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Ownership.

The company set up its first local manufacturing facilities in July 2002 and ever since has continued to grow in leaps and bounds as it continue to spin up new innovations . It is convenient to say that among the big players in the pharmaceutical world in Africa , Fidson is a factor to be reckoned with.

While known major companies with international affiliates were still battling the Acquire Immune Deficiency issue, Fidson Healthcares  became the first drug company that manufactured  the Antiretrovial  (ARV) drugs in Sub Saharan Africa. The feat was achieved in March, 2005.

In  2007 it was certified  by the Nigerian Standard Organisation  with NIS ISO 900 1:2000 certificate. This was in recognition of the high standard of the products coming out from the company.  In 2008, Fidson Healthcares got listed in National Stock Exchange market.

The quest to become one of the top players in the pharmaceutical world became the driving force as the company continued to make positive contributions to healthcare sector in the country. This does not go unnoticed as the company won the Financial Standard Sector Leader Award and received NIS ISO 9001:2002 in the year 2011.

Popularly called the “Family Before Workplace”  because the worker friendly policy of the company Fidson Healthcares , it prides itself as a company that placed high interest in the welfare of its employees from the junior staff to the highest .

Fidson Healthcare’s is ever determined to make pharmaceutical products accessible to every average Nigerian hence  its decision in 2019 tp partner with  Ohara Pharmaceutical Company – a leading healthcare company in Japan.  Ohara focuses on drugs and generic drugs with its goal as “addressing unmet medical needs”

Why is Fidson Healthcares Company the darling of all and sundry? Fidson is the highest employer of  pharmacists in the country after the federal government.  It has on its list of employee about 200 medical representatives, 4 warehouses, four corporate offices, two factories and by the grace of God – One Fidson.

Some of the drugs from the stable of Fidson include Addzoa, Artened, Arthocare, Asomex, Astefer, Astymin, Avipol and Avsat. 

Others are Calmnox, Cestra 50 plu, Chloraphenicol, Extramunnre, Ferobin, Fidvite, Fitulin, Flutex, Gscol, Histin , M2-Tone, Meprasil, Metrone and Ranicef.

They also includeTribotan, Tetracycline, Tuxil D, Valnox, Vigomax Forte, Zetgel, Zoztrin and Somnex.

Just last year Fidson Healthcare’s claim as a geat place to work was confirmed by its winning awards as one of the great place to work in Nigeria. The competition which attracted big players in the corporate world saw the company have Fine Nominations, Two awards and One certification. It was indeed an enviable outing if the calibers of other participants are taking into consideration.


Chief Fidelis Ayebae , the Chief Executive Officer of Fidson Healthcares Limited is a man with golden heart. It is on record that he had spent millions of Naira in repairing the road that links the Veepee Avenue to Idiroko Expressway. 

Residents who spoke to Ogun News Express were full of praises and prayer as the they recall the contributions of the company to the well being of the community. 

Mr. Kehinde Abdulahi said, “ If two Fidelis Ayebae are within the community, it would have become a small London. Fidson has seen to grading and maintenance of our road and our electricity. God will continue to enrich him.

During the out surge of the Covid – 19 pandemic in 2020, Fidson Healthcares distributed palliatives to the needy both within and outsides its areas of operations.

Ogun News Express learnt that over Ten Million Naira was spent on procurement of palliatives during the period under review.

Fidson Healthcares also organizes healthcare  outreaches, sensitizations and seminar. It gives out drugs as charity to various charity organizations in the country. The company is ever ready to contribute her quota to the development of the town and its environ whenever called upon to do so.

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