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Hon Waliu Taiwo Writes Protest Letter Over Plans To Install Non-Awori As Iyaloja General Of Awori Land!

I am appalled, and it is with broken heart that i write to register my displeasure and opposition by some highly placed Awori elements to install Mrs Adetoro as the Iyaloja of Ota and Iyaloja General of Awori land, Ogun State.
Let me state clearly without equivocation that this attempted subjugation of the will of Awori people will not stand and will be fought against by our people, using all peaceful, conventional, traditional and legal instruments.
The facts of the matter are clear and unambiguous. Before the passing away of the immediate past Olota Of Ota, Oba Moshood Alani Oyede, the Olota-In-Council under the chairmanship of late Oba Oyede invited aspirants that will fill the position of Iyaloja of Ota. All the many aspirants were called one by one and interview conducted for them. At the end of the interview which Mrs Adetoro also participated, the Olota In Council through an unanimous decision found Alhaja Risikat Lalude as the most suitable candidate for the position of Iyaloja of Ota. Thereafter, a letter was transmitted to Alhaja Lalude, who incidentally is my elder sister on the need for the palace of Olota to install her as the Iyaloja of Ota and a date was picked for her installation. 
While the palace and Alhaja Ladude’s family were busy planning for the installation ceremony, we began to hear stories that Mrs Adetoro, in cohort with Hon Jide Ojuko had planned to scuttle the ceremony.
On the appointed date, after all necessary conditions had been met and installation process was to begin at the Olota’s palace, a team of stern looking mobile police men numbering over 20 invaded the venue, and ordered the installation ceremony be stopped on the orders of former governor Ibikunle Amosun.
Further findings revealed that it was the immediate past Commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs, Hon Jide Ojuko, an Awori son and brother actually ordered the stoppage of the installation .
While i made personal efforts to sort things out, information revealed that my sister’s installation as Iyaloja of Ota was truncated because of my political leaning and association with the then main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In the course of all these, Jide Ojuko suddenly announced the name of Mrs Adetoro as the acting Iyaloja of Ota without recourse or advice from the palace of Olota. This is an absolute aberration  against the customs and tradition of our people because the Olota is the custodian of our tradition and only institution that can bestw the title of Iyaloja in our land.
However some weeks before the March 9th 2019 governorship elections, Prince Dapo Abiodun met with me and members of my political group to support his quest to win the governorship elections against the forces of outgoing government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun despite being a stalwart of PDP in Ogun state. I saw the sincerity in Prince Dapo Abiodun, and i made the request of my group known to him, among which is to intervene on the injustice meted on my sister by former governor Amosun, through Jide Ojuko and he promised to look look into it.
On this basis, i dumped my political party, integrated my followers into the APC and mobilized all my supporters across the three Senatorial districts of Ogun State to campaign and vote for Prince Dapo Abiodun. To the glory of God, Prince Dapo diodun was sworn in as the executive governor of Ogun State on May 29, 2019.
After his inauguration, i met with governor Dapo Abiodun on he pending issue of the Iyaloja of Ota. The governor advised that i have a meeting with my king, the Olota of Ota, Oba Adeyemi Abdulkadir Obalanlege as the matter should fall within the jurisdiction of Ota traditional institution.
Few days ago, news got to me that Mrs Adetoro, had been confirmed and installed as the Iyaloja of Ota and Iyaloja-General of Aworiland. I believe justice is not being done here and plead that the matter be revisited.
My fears is even reinforced when i learnt Mrs Adetoro is not a native of Awori land and i dont want to believe we should stand akimbo while the trajectory of non Awori people taking over the birthrights of our people continues. I am however optimistic that my revered Kabiyesi will correct this anomaly as we are still battling with the encroachment of Awori territories by the people of Egba land through outright lies, propaganda and historical manipulations to justify their expansionist drive into our land.
I therefore insist and implore all and sundry to join me for justice and crusade that ADETORO MUST NOT BE IYALOJA OF OTA AND IYALOJA GENERAL OF AWORI LAND.
Thanks and God bless.
Hon Olayiwola Waliu Taiwo
Akinrogun of Ota, Awori Land
Jagunmolu Musulumi of Ota Awori Land  
Osi Quarters,
Ota, Awori Land

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