‘Kuala Bar Is Going Places Soon, But We Are Having Good Patronage In Ota’-Akinoshun Oluwaseyi

For Akinoshun Oluwaseyi the owner of Kuala Bar in Ota, Ogun State, the people of the area have been loving and the patronage is encouraging.
However, there are still plans for expansion and the Chief Executive Officer of the wave making bar and eatery believes that the business has paid off and that Nigerians love patronizing places of relaxation after a busy day.
He speaks with the crew of Ogun News Express (ONE) on several issues surrounding the business in an exclusive interview.
When did you start Kuala?
We actually started in 2019.
Have you opened a bar before?
No, this is my first time. I have never done the business before.
Were you living in Ota before you started the business?
I have been in Ota for more than seven or eight years before I started the business?
What is the meaning of Kuala?
Kuala is a place I have been to, it is in Malaysia, and I enjoyed my stay there. It was actually my plan that when I start a business I would name it Kuala.
What is the unique thing that Kuala serves to its customers that you cannot get anywhere else?
 We have a lot of things that we give, number one is that our services are unique, we attend to our customers at the right time as soon as they come in without wasting their time. Also, we have unique products in our kitchen, our kitchen is just the best, we have many foods such as ‘amala,’ pounded yam and others.
Kuala came into Ota with a bang and people and the place is so full of people, what is the magic behind this?
There is nothing like magic there. We just have to thank God for everything. It’s just God, when we started we didn’t expect the kind of patronage that we get and God has been so wonderful.
How do you manage boys that could come around, is your security tight here?
When it comes to security I try as much as possible to protect anyone that comes here. We make use of police, soldier, navy and Amotekun operatives. So I make sure that everyone of them is on ground, especially on weekends, that is just the logic that we use.
I believe you have private bouncers too?
Yes, we do, we have four of them.
This place has become a point where everybody gathers, what are the challenges that you face in the vicinity?
I thank God because there is no business without its challenges, but people love us. I receive love from every corner, and when there is any issue I go to the people that I know. I have to be honest, I don’t face any challenge. But challenge is part of the business.
How do you cope with electricity?
We all know the current situation of the country and I think electricity is a little bit stable now. Aside from that, we run on generator, but it is getting better when it comes to power generation in Nigeria.
Will you advise anybody to go into this business?
Yes, I will, it is a very good business, you just have to know what you are doing.
How do you get you disc DJs, do you pay them or they come around just to show their skills?
We pay them and sometime we do DJ parties by inviting different DJs to perform and we pick the best, and we pay them for what they are doing.
Sometimes a lot of girls come around here, do you encourage ‘Olosho’ to come around?
I can never encourage that, but in this kind of business that is the kind of thing you should be expecting, when people drink the next thing is to go with someone. So these are the things that we expect. But, lately, I caution them to make sure that everyone comes inside. I’m seriously working on that.
Do you have any plan for expansion, may be to have other branches?
Yes, a lot of work is going on concerning that and we are planning to have more branches, we are working on that.
Which location are you thinking of?
With the kind of love I’m getting in Ota, I wouldn’t mind if I still have another one in another area in Ota. If you are in a place, where you have peace, I see no reason I should leave Ota now. I still plan to have another branch in Ota.
Why not Abeokuta or Lagos?
They are also good places, but like I said I’m still enjoying the love that I get here. That is going to come up soon; we will soon have a branch in Lagos, may be this year.
Are you a chief?
No, I’m not a chief.
If the Olota of Ota gives you a chieftaincy title as ‘Amuludun’ of Ota, will you accept it?
The name Olota of Ota is a big title, I won’t reject that, but I’m not ready to go into that now. I just loved being known.
You are from which state?
I am from Oyo.
Are you married?
Yes, I’m married.
How many children do you have?
I have four children.
Your wife is around here?
Yes, my wife is around here.
Hope your job doesn’t disturb the home as you are always here monitoring your business?
It actually disturbs, but I thank God that she understands the kind of job that I am doing. There is no way you will be doing this kind of business that you would not have issue at home, but by the grace of God she understands me.
How many girlfriends or side chicks do you have?
I don’t have any.
What’s your best food?
My best food is ‘amala ‘and ‘efo riro.’
Do you have time to exercise, you have a good physique?
I do a little bit of walk out every morning.
So, where do you see Kuala in the next 10 years?
I see it in a very big place, where I can never believe in my life. I believe that there are still more things that are coming my way.
Do you have a plan of opening something like hotel because people could drink late to 2am or 3am?
It is part of my plan, when people stay late here, I actually have a lot of hotels around and I have a good relationship with the owners and they could go there.
Do artistes come here to do shows?
Yes, we have a lot of artistes and this year we intend to bring more artistes more than we did last year because of Coronavirus. We believe that this year, the pandemic will go down and we will be able to do more. So, we have a plan to do more shows.
Hope the government is not disturbing you much, especially in the area of taxation?
It is something we cannot do without, it is just the normal thing, we have to attend to them because they are the government.

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