Nigeria Will Be better If Laws Were Implemented – Olumide Osoba

Hournorable Olumide Babatunde Osoba, a representative of Abeokuta North/Owode/Odeda constituency in the 9th House of Representatives has said Nigeria needs to implement existing laws for it betterment.
He made this known at the annual empowerment programme for his constituents held at Ibara Housing Estate, Abeokuta, the state capital, stressing the Importance of law implementation in every country.
In his words, “The problem we have in Nigeria is that a lot of bills are proposed and passed, but when it gets to the point of being put to use, it is never accented to.
“We have 200 bills that we have passed that aren’t accented to. if they aren’t passed, then there is no point .
“Apart from the fact  that we have enough laws that are not been implemented, hence the implementation of laws is the key, we shouldn’t think any lawmaker should just pass a bill or enact a law when it is not going to be implemented. There are laws that if implemented, things will be better for us.”
In the same vein, having been the Chairman House of Representatives Committee on sports, he highlighted the challenges facing the sports sector in Nigeria and the solutions.
“The main problem we have in Nigeria is that everybody believes that Government should fund sports, everywhere in the world sport is funded by private sector or global companies,
“The premiere league is not funded by the government, government just do a startup and was funded by private individuals.
“what we would do is that we should make sure Nigeria’s sports go into private sector direct investment, that is the only way our sport can be improved, If you keep telling Government to fund sports in this economic downturn. it is never going to happen. We are already on how sport will be made as a business to generate revenue for the person that invest in it” he said
Speaking at the event, Abeokuta North Local Government Aspirant Hon. Olawale Bello commended Hon. Olumide’s gesture by fulfilling his electioneering campaign promises.
“Surely we didn’t lose our vote, the people who voted for him didn’t lost their votes, During his electioneering campaign. he told people what he was going to do and that is exactly what he has started
“We sat down one day and counted what he has done under Two years, we found out he has done over Forty Projects. it is laudable. You can also see what is happening here now. he has decided to empower people with motorcycles, deep freezers, grinding machines. etc.  With these things, people wont need to knock on anybody’s door, they will be comfortable at their various homes and feed their family. Olumide Osoba is a good representation.” He said

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