Not Every Professor Is Well!


By Akano Ilebiyi

Yes, not everyone that is called a Professor is well. Nature of sickness varies.
We were told the story of a Professor of History who always sat at the gate of Ilesa Grammar School, Ilesa,Osun-State,Nigeria.

How will a Professor be sitting at the gate of a secondary? Doing what?
The answer is obvious. He had psychoanalysis problem. Yoruba will say “Otiyiwo niyen”

According to the account of people that were very familiar with this Professor, if anyone wanted to know about the history of the world just offer this Professor a small quantity of palm wine, the Professor upon taking the palm wine will be pouring history of the world. He was a Professor of World History with psycho problem.
The situation of that Professor is similar to that of one Professor Oke who at anytime is offered token like a cup of palm wine will be foul-mouthing.

Comments of this Professor of hatred depends on the volume of palm wine provided him that will enable him to pour his venom on the people of Yewa- Awori.

At a time, the quantity of the palm wine offered Prof Oke led him into abusing a Royal Majesty. Can you imagine?
Immediately after the intoxicating effect of the palm wine is over he will keep quiet.

Of recent, the effects of palm wine offered him made him to equate himself with God with his senseless write-up “YEWA 23: NOW OR NEVER”
The word of God says “Who is he that saith,and cometh to pass,when the Lord has commandeth it not”
Who is this political Professor to say”now or never”? Is he God?
Where is that popular Islamic cleric that boasted in 1999 that over his dead body will a Yoruba becomes the President of Nigeria? It is an assignment for Mr Professor to go and research on.

Suppose it happens behind him. After all Hamman, a chief like the flipant Professor chief made clandestine attempts to kill Mordecai and equally wipeout the Jews so as to prevent them from becoming anything but God aborted the heinous plan.
However, I pray to God to make it happen while the attention seeker Professor Chief is alive.

While other genuine Professors are in their classes teaching their students,Professor Oke was busy following politicians about.
How will a civil servant be a member of campaign committee team of a political party?
How many of Professor Chief’s colleagues that are on payroll of government are found on the list of Campaign Council of political parties?

Professor Oke should learn from real erudite Scholars such as Professor Yemi Osibajo who never campaigned for any political party before he was appointed Commissioner for Justice in Lagos by Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
Professor Osibajo was appointed on merit unlike the professor who is hobnobbing to pave way for his appointment as a commissioner.

Professor Oke has made it known that he is a is racist. A disrespectful man who is driven about by mundane things. He is an agent of destabilisation sowing the seeds of discord.
What is he trying to achieve by his malicious intended article titled “How YEWAS DEFEATED A YEWA CANDIDATE UNDER AWOLOWO”
“Itan ni molemole yin ma paku”
Like a wretched bricklayer the Professor will die in telling outdated and unnecessary stories.
We know that the attitude and unreasonable outbursts of many of you are designed to truncate Biyi Otegbeye’s chances. That is a strategy we are very much aware so that you and your cohorts will come out later to claim have supported Ogun-West in 2023.

Dear Professor, which region supported Goodluck Jonathan to become a President? You may wish to conduct your research and publish the outcome.

As a Professor, are you sure insulting the psyche of Otegbeye’s kith and kin will make them to vote for him?
Are you not portraying yourself as a bullying professor who is fanning the embers of discord?
When God says yes,who can say no?
We expect more stories from “molemole”

Akano Ilebiyi writes from Idiaba, Abeokuta.

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