Ogun 2023: PDP’s Alliance Of Fraud Is Scary, Be Vigilant- Group Warns Electorate

Ogun 2023: PDP’s alliance of fraud is scary, be vigilant- Group warns electorate

A socio-political group in Ogun State, Gateway Dialogue, has slammed the duo of Oladipupo Adebutu and Adekunle Akinlade, who are Governorship candidate and Deputy Governorship candidate respectfully in the State on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP .

Recall that a document, titled ” Alliance Agreement” surfaced on different social media platforms on Friday, detailing how Adebutu and Akinlade had planned to share positions and privileges if elected .

In it’s reaction, the group, through a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Thomas Ishola, described the document as a manifestation of fraud and cluelessness.

It argued that by the import of the document, it shows that the original motive of the duo and their party, the PDP was purely ‘business’ and far from governance, adding that the document also exposed the two politicians as nitwits and clueless, without iota of intelligence and capacity for governance.

According to the statement, the reactions that trail the said document from all over the world should have given the duo of Adebutu and Akinlade the clue of their fate in the forthcoming election in the State.

” By the import and tone of the alliance agreement between Adebutu and Akinlade of the PDP in Ogun State, it shows the duo are rogues in Agbada, unrepentant political jobbers, who are totally bereft of little idea of governance other than power and money.

“This dubious document had brought serious embarrassment to Ogun State and the good people of the State since it surfaced on different social media platforms on Friday.

“We make bold to say that the duo of Adebutu and Akinlade are the worst of politicians we have in Ogun State, they are not even fit to be elected as ordinary councilors not to talk of governors and deputy governors.

“It is now incumbent on Ogun electorate to shine their eyes and never fall for the gimmicks of megalomania who is sponsoring a surrogate as a way of sneaking back to Oke-mosan, neither a combination of ‘ Awon Didirin Agbalagba Meji’ in PDP”, the statement read.

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