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Ogun LG Election: NNPP Warns OGSIEC To Stay Clear Of APC Impunity


….As APC Councilorship Candidates Are Technically Ruled Out Of Time.


Ogun state New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has issued a warning to Mr. Babatunde Osibodu led Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission (OGSIEC) to stay clear of the Ogun State All Progressive Congress (APC) act of impunity as far as 2021 LG ELECTION is concerned.

This was made known through a press Release signed by NNPP’S Chairman, Comrade Olaposi Oginni, while issuing a clear warning to OGSIEC to stay clear of APC shenanigans and act of impunity leading to the Technical Rule Out Of Time of it’s Councilorship Candidates.

He stated that NNPP as a stakeholder in Ogun State Politics watched with keen interest the politics APC is playing in the State.

” We are watching the display of arrogance by APC and Governor DAPO ABIODUN’S usurpation of the franchise of the members of APC as regards the Primaries and nomination of Candidates for the Coming LG Polls.

It’s on record that Ogun APC did not conduct any Primary as stipulated by the APC Constitution and OGSIEC Guidelines and Time Table for the July 24th LG ELECTION”.

Also, Oginni explained that APC under the watch of Gov. Dapo Abiodun has refused to submit any Councilorship Candidate name for screening by OGSIEC till Saturday 19th of June 2021, hence against the last day of OGSIEC Extension of Friday 18th of June 2021.

He submitted that OGSIEC should stop extension of dates and bending rules to accommodate the ruling party in the state.

In his words, “Recognising the precarious situation the OGSIEC Chairman and Board members found themselves by the impunity and non- compliance of APC as a ruling party, the Ogun State NNPP hereby call on Mr. Babatunde Osibodu’s led OGSIEC to sum up Courage and stop unnecessary extension of dates and bending of rules to accommodate an unwilling horse like APC.

“It’s obvious that the Dapo Abiodun’s led APC is not ready to participate in this Local Government Election with due respect to the OGSIEC Guidelines and the Constitution of APC. .

” It’s very clear that Ogun APC Councilorship Candidates by the Guidelines and extended Timetable are technically ruled out of time for it’s failure to conform and respect the Guidelines and Timetable of the Commission.

“We hereby call on Mr. Babatunde Osibodu’s led Commission to go ahead with the processes and programmes of a Credible LG ELECTION without further delay as an unbiased umpire.

“An endless waiting for the Dapo Abiodun’s APC submission of Councilorship Candidates and screening will continue to dislocates the Commission’s Guidelines and Timetable that will consequently put the Commission in a bad light that may eventually tarnish it’s integrity and image”.

Oginni however claimed to take a legal action on any attempt by OGSIEC to compromise with Dapo Abiodun’s AplPC on the matter

” Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission (OGSIEC) is therefore requested to live above board by making sure that the Names of the Councilorship Candidates of APC who by today are already technically ruled out of time are no longer accepted by OGSIEC.

“Any attempt by OGSIEC to Compromise with Dapo Abiodun’s APC on this matter shall surely lead to a fiery Legal Action.

“Recognising the fact that No Governor or Individual nor APC is bigger than the Constitution and an institution like OGSIEC”. He said

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