PDP Manipulations In Sagamu


Going into last Saturday’s governorship election, PDP apparently had a two-pronged strategy: weaken Governor Dapo Abiodun’s stronghold using money and thuggery and throw the race open in Ogun Central and Ogun West.

The thinking was that the Governor would lose Ogun West because of ex-Governor Ibikunle Amosun’s assault while Ogun Central would be thrown open. Their confidence was not entirely without basis, because in an unprecedented case, Governor Abiodun had two ex-governors working against him. One was very loudly about his mischief, the other engaged in subterranean perfidy. But they did not reckon with Providence.

Criss-crossing Ogun East, Governor Abiodun’s stronghold,these shady characters launched a serious assault against the Governor’s re-election bid. They engaged in intimidation of voters and massive vote buying, all in the bid to ensure that he lost his base where, incidentally, their own candidate also came from. Iperu, Odogbolu, Sagamu, etc, became theatres of war.

In the end, they had their way, but so did the Ogun people. Dapo Abiodun is Governor-Elect, Adebutu Governor-Reject. Marvelous!!

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