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Primaries Election: NNPP Condemns OGSIEC’s Postponement


..…..says ruling party is controlling electoral body


Ogun state New Nigeria People’s party has condemned the extension of primary Election in the state by Ogun state Independent Electoral Commission (OGSIEC)

The State Chairman of New Nigeria People’s Party Comrade Oginni Olaposi Sunday claimed the postponement is worrisome.

In his words,”The letter sent by OGSIEC to different political parties on the extension of the date of primary is worrisome.

“why it is worrisome is that we are worried that OGSIEC is shifting the goalpost when the game is already on. We are worried that this may be a stickler to a monumental rigging arrangement.

“Now, we have done our own primary and we’ve invited OGSIEC and they have witness it. Why should they now extend the date of primary? The extension of date of primary automatically will have bring a kind of dislocation into the arrangement of the election. And this may even lead to the shifting of the election date. because as far as we are concern, election is matter is a constitutional matter. It is not just anybody sitting down anywhere after you’ve roll out your guideline with your programmes and other things”.

Also, Oginni allegedly declared that ruling party in the state is controlling the commission stating it’s independent is questionable.

“We are aware that APC did not do any primary on till today that’s suppose to be last day for the primary. They are just moving from one house to the other, from one leader to the other and waiting for the governor as if the governor is the constitutional body that suppose to do the primary.

“Because a ruling party fail to comply to all your arrangement and guideline, then you have to shift the date, shift the compose. We, New Nigeria Peoples Party condemn that action of OGSIEC in entirety. We want to say that is a power signal to democracy.

“Hence we want to see it as if he who pays the piper dictate the tune. So if it is governor Abiodun that’s dictating to them, that is yet to conclude with his party, that they should go and shift the date, then, how are we going to say that OGSIEC is independent?!

“The independence of OGSIEC in this matter is questionable. We want to say that it’s not acceptable to us as a party. We want to say that every political party must play the game according to the rule of OGSIEC. As OGSIEC as unbiased umpire must not bend their rule to accommodate inadequacy or incompetency of anybody.

“As a matter of fact, we say no to this and we condemn it totally and we want the public to take note. We want the Chairman of OGSIEC to take note as well and to be very careful not to be push by APC because integrity and that of is word is at question mark. And Nigerians are watching. And this OGSIEC matter or appointment won’t be the last” he stated.

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