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Prince Dapo Abiodun Will Not Disappoint The People Of Ogun – Hon Oludaisi Elemide


Hon Oludaisi Elemide is one of the newly elected members Ogun State House of Assembly from Odeda State Consistuency. An Architect, farmer, educationist, community leader and clergy. He spoke with Ogun News Express district editor, Johnson Onifade on the incoming administration of Prince Dapo Abiodun Ogun  State

Kindly introduce yourself

I am Hon Oludaisi Elemide, a newly elected lawmaker from Odeda State Constituency under our great party, APC. I am an architect by profession, a politician and a pastor. i am happily married.

You will agree with me that peoples’s expectations are very high as we move towards the inauguration of the next government, what is your take on this?

Thank you, first of all, I belong to the legislative arm of this incoming administration and by experience in politics and governance, there must be a synergy and cordial relationship between the legislative arm and the executive. My expectation is that the new Dapo Abiodun led executive would provide the enabling atmosphere to this effect to facilitate the smooth running of the government so as to keep to our promises of moving the state forward in every spheres of life. The governor needs the lawmakers, we the lawmakers should support him as well.

As for the people, I am from Odeda local government where we can call the food basket of Ogun state, it is an agrarian society, hence, the people are yearning for good roads, supports for the farmers, good health care facilities, schools and other social amenities. Basically my people would lay emphasis on support by all standards to the farmers and traders as well. Look, the dividends of democracy transcends the provision of all these social amenities, after all, a military government would provide the same. It involves growing a sense of belonging for the people, and thank God , our new Governor, Dapo Abiodun is a listening one, and I am convinced he would give people the opportunity to contribute to governance. Just wait and see him performing. He doesn’t believe in noise.

How would you react to the inauguration of work groups and transition committees by Dapo Abiodun, have the committees submitted their reports?

it is one of the best things to happen in this new government. It has shown the dawn of a new era that is full of hopes and dreams comes true. Dapo Abiodun knows why he brought about the committee and he knows what to do with the outcome as submitted to by the committee. The committees performed brilliantly well and I am convincing that the man Dapo Abiodun will not let people of Ogun State down. The idea of inaugurating the committee is highly commendable. It goes to show the managerial skill and administrative dexterity in him. He has continued to appreciate the people of Ogun state for giving him their votes.

How would you describe the man Dapo Abiodun?

I have worked very closely with him day and night,, he is a listener, a manager per excellence. He would not make noise or rush into taking decision and that does not mean that he is weak,  but he takes the right steps at the right time consulting with the necessary people. He has been doing these before as a man who sits atop a chain of business empire and a man with integrity and diplomacy. I want to appeal to the good person of Ogun State to continue to pray for us and the new Governor

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