Professor Yemi Osinbajo Lacks Morality, Denigrates And Desecrates The Office Of The Vice President

By Babafemi Akinkugbe Samson

It is true that the current Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has the right to contest for the office of the Vice President of the country.

However, the truth also has to be told that the Pastor is not standing on a high moral ground with the ways he has gone about his campaigns right from the onset.

First, the petite politician chose the office of the Vice President of Nigeria inside the Presidential Villa to make his official declaration to run for Presidency, this is totally wrong and condemnable. The man has entered the bad book as the first person to do such in the history of Nigeria.

Before that, Osinbanjo turned his official functions into campaign platforms, even where and when he attended to represent the President, Muhammadu Buhari, his unprofessional and unethical media handlers will still slant the news towards his presidential campaign. This is puerile.

In recent times too, Prof. Osinbajo visited some places and states to solely campaign for his presidential ambition using the official seal of the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria on this campaign podium. This is absolutely wrong and indecent. It is unfair to Nigerians.

Aspirant Osinbajo should be able to stand on his own, use his own accumulated personal resources and not tax payers money. Osinbajo should be able to use his own name if he believes in himself, he should stand on his own legs, if they are not wobbling.

All over the world, people – including sitting Presidents, put their names on their campaign podiums and not the official seal of the office they are occupying.

Osibanjo should be bold and proud to use his father’s name and not hide behind the official seal of the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria.

– Babafemi Akinkugbe Samson
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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