Re: Governor Abiodun Was Paying Fraudster Bidemi Rufai $50,000 Per Transaction in Ogun State*

...PDP Calls For Abiodun's Immediate Resignation From Office*


Revelations in some section of the news media over the weekend has again reinforced the fervent position of the Ogun State Chapter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, on the extent of the damage that the ruling APC government led by Prince Dapo Abiodun has done to the fortunes of Ogun State since its inception.

Before now, the PDP has always held that Dapo Abiodun and his gang have held Ogun State by the jugular. This has however been corroborated by the lastest revelations from the US Court concerning a convicted Special Senior Aide to Dapo Abiodun, Mr. Bidemi Rufai who confirmed that he was severally paid a sum of $2,000 as salaries and $50,000 each time monies were moved out of Ogun State coffers. These are payments that are much higher than what an average Ogun worker earns.

Of course, it is an extremely sad reality that our dear State which before now, is reputed with distinguished people of good characters, with the “Omoluabi” ethos and finesse is now being governed by a gang of rogues, people of questionable characters who are only known for high-wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, conspiracy, forgery and other forms of economic crimes.

Again, members of the public are enjoined to note that it is the same Governor who publicly swore, during his inauguration to drive a process of economic recovery that would take the people out of the excruciating pains of poverty and underdevelopment who is still carrying the burden of unraveling the misery behind the identity of Shawn Michaels, a fraudster who was convicted in the USA. Truly, without mincing words, Ogun State does not deserve his kind! EU

Before now, the PDP, being a pro people political organization, had expected that Mr Dapo Abiodun, the astute transactional Chief executive who is now fondly referred to, in government circles as “Prince 10%” would have taken a very strong exception to the allegations recently made by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari that State Governors have developed unquenchable thirst for monies meant for LG administration in their respective States. Alas! Revelations from the US court could not encourage such audacity from our own Governor to challenge the President as done by Governors Wike, Ortom, Okowa and Obasekis of this world who came all out to challenge President Buhari to name the Governors involved in such dastard and criminal acts.

For us, we challenge the Legislative arm of Ogun State Government to begin a thorough probe of Mr Governor and his shameless involvement in established cases of fraud. Mr Governor owes his employers, the good people of Ogun State serious explanations. In a saner clime, the Governor should have resigned to allow for thorough investigation of these kind of allegations; being with a convicted serial fraudster alone makes Mr. Abiodun liable and culpable of the said crime; and he should not spend a day longer in office. Likes, they say, often attract likes. The Governor has put Ogun State on the map of unprecedented disgrace and great disrepute in the international community, he has successfully lowered the esteem and candour of the office of the Governor.

We call on the Nigerian Security and anti-graft agencies to show more than just a passing interest in this matter, especially when these allegations have been raised by credible international media and it will do Nigeria’s reputation no good in its fight against corruption and fraud.


Asiwaju Akinloye Bankole
Publicity Sec.
Ogun State! PDP
Dec.5, 2022.

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