Shubby Okeowo’s Fruitless Attempt to Malign Governor Abiodun

By Tolani Odulani

What is playing out with some disgruntled elements in Ogun State is quite pathetic! In an era where progressivism has become the core of governance, it is unfortunate that some elements with warped mindsets believe that being in government must equate corrupt enrichment or dispensing favours to cronies. A piece laden with hate, bigotry and undisguised expletives targeting Governor Dapo Abiodun is being circulated by a disgruntled being whose only grouse is that he was not called to come and ‘fix’ himself with the resources of the good people of Ogun State. It would be discovered that the face behind the junk is no other person than Shubby Okeowo.

The first thing that gave Shubby away as a chronic sadist was his inhumane attempt to bring Governor Abiodun’s departed son, DJ Olu, into an issue that had nothing to do with him, all in a bid to get at the father for being an unusual administrator and astute manager of the commonwealth of Ogun people. Okeowo had stated that he would have preferred Governor Abiodun not to contest due to the death of his son. For the record, DJ Olu died in October 2017; and his father became governor about twenty months after. Only a patently debased mind would attempt to use the death of a child to spite the bereaved parents. The fact is Shubby’s bestiality ranks above that of animals in the wild.

In his self-consuming rage, Shubby, who had to fabricate a fake identity as Dr. Quadri Ola, arrogated to himself the power of omniscience. As a topic, “The story of Dapo Abiodun’s infamous loss of re-election bid,” speaks much about how hate has eaten so deep into every of the cell that makes up his being. If not, nobody would call an election that is still about 15months away and whose players have yet to officially signify interest. His crystal ball of falsehood must have propelled him to title his piece of diatribe as such. But then, sore losers carry fears in their heart everywhere they go. The writer is so afraid that Governor Abiodun is very popular with the electorate so much that he was practically begging the electorate not to vote for a top performer.

Even he admitted that the governor has concentrated on building roads – one of the key areas, which, hitherto, had been begging for attention in the state. But he was only economical with the truth by leaving out Governor Abiodun’s giant strides in education, health, security, industry and commerce, agriculture, jobs and other areas. All these don’t matter to him because he has not been invited to come and eat.

Yet, Okeowo was one of the earliest beneficiaries of this administration. An accustomed name dropper, he introduced himself as the governor’s younger brother and threw his weight around. He got a mouthwatering printing contract from the Ogun State Internal Revenue Service, OGIRS, and another solar contract at the Kobape Housing Estate among others. Like Oliver Twist, he wanted more. Perhaps because of his glaring incompetence, Governor Abiodun did not see him as fitting for any position and thus began his proxy war.

For Governor Abiodun, a utilitarian politician with a mindset of development for the greater good, the mass majority is his focus; and he has been delivering on his manifestoes with unstinting supports from capable hands in his cabinet, which comprises a mix of technocrats and politicians of repute. The writer, along with his cohorts, must have to prove beyond reasonable doubt for any leader worth his or her salt to reckon with him. But with that piece, which shamelessly and blatantly revealed his avaricious motive, he has shown that he cannot be entrusted with a public service appointment or position of trust.

His hatred is so palpable that he questioned the role of God in the election of Governor Abiodun and his eventual assumption of power. It seems Shubby would have felt better if Governor Abiodun had left out God and given all glory to him and his cohorts. Governor Abiodun lives a life of gratitude, and he gives honour to whom it is due. As a man of faith, what he would not do is allow men to take the place of God.

The fifth columnist’s veil as an ethnicist was removed when he inserted tribal dimension to the political differences between former Governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun, and Governor Abiodun. “…the Fulani in Buhari does not care about two Yoruba men who want to kill each other. That is Fulani for you. As much as Buhari seemingly loves Ibikunle Amosun to a fault, the Fulani in him hates the Yoruba clan.” What a diseased condition the soul suffers!

To Shubby and his co-travelers, the earlier they come to terms that God rules in people’s affairs and that He gives power to whomever He so desires, the better for their mental health. If it pleases God that Governor Abiodun is re-elected in 2023, no vendetta and campaign of calumny will stop it. Governor Abiodun is a man after God’s heart; that is why he is governing with the fear of God. He would rather want the masses to experience and enjoy the dividends of democracy than channel the state resources to a few.

Tolani Odulani writes from Ijebu Ode

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