Trouble As Tejuosho’s Ex-Wife Writes IGP over N150 Million Fraud




Halima Oniru, the ex-wife of one Ogun traditional ruler, Adetokunbo Tejuoso has petitioned the Inspector General of Police for allegedly obtaining money from her under false pretence, forgery, among others.

Tejuoso was among the 75 coronet Obas installed by the immediate past governor, Ibikunle Amosun, but were reportedly demoted to Baales by the Dapo Abiodun-led government.

Oniru in a petition dated March 2021 written by her counsel, J. S Agada & Co. and made available to newsmen in Abeokuta accused the embattled traditional ruler of fraudulently coming up with many business plans with an intention to swindle her company, Haleems Integrated Services Limited.

In the petition, Oniru alleged that Tejuoso borrowed money running into one hundred and fifty million naira from her on a pretence of pursuing a chieftaincy title in Ogun state.

The ex-wife of the traditional ruler who presented receipts of some of the transactions also accused Tejuoso of forging receipts so as to defraud her of a huge sum of money.

In the petition, she further alleged that the embattled monarch is fond of beating her on any slight opportunity.

Part of the petitions reads, “In the guise of doing certain kind of business, the suspect continued to place incessant/continuous demand for monies of our client business running into hundreds of millions. Some of such traceable and notable receipt of the said transaction are equally annexed to this Petition for your ease of reference.

“Our client and the suspect finally came together and were co-habiting as husband and wife. In the course of their being together, our client got to know about these other sides of the suspect’s fraudulent and numerous nefarious activities.

“As a result our client confronted him on same and as a result, the suspect started beating and attempted killing our client at any slighted opportunity and he finally pushed our client out of the house without allowing her to carry any of her belongings from the house. Pictures of the various degree of injuries inflicted on our client by the suspect in the course of beating her and attempting to kill her are hereby annexed to this petition for your perusal.

“It is also the brief of our client that the suspect forged and doctored some receipts through which he defrauded her a huge sum of monies on different occasion unnoticed. For example, on one occasion, the suspect collected the sum of N15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million Naira) only from our client as the cost for buying an Excavator and after the purchase of same, he brought to our Client a forged receipt of payment bearing the sum of N15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million Naira) only but when our client Investigated the said price from the original seller of the said Excavator, it was discovered through the original receipt of payment issued in respect of the purchase that same bears the sum of N10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Naira) only against the doctored sum of N15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million Naira) only which the suspect claimed he bought the Excavator. The two receipts are annexed for your perusal.”

Oniru while speaking to newsmen on Sunday further accused the embattled monarch of blackmailing her with a threat to expose her nude pictures on social media.

She said Tejuoso had engaged a blogger, Gossip girl Niaja, to malign her image and her children on social media.

In his reaction, the embattled monarch said all the allegations against him was false and unfounded.

Tejuoso insisted that his ex-wife was only looking for way to allegedly pull him down.

He added, “On the N150million, we have been dragging this for 2years now. that I told her, you said I’m owing you N150million, where did you get the money, prove to me where she got the N150million from. let me be frank with you, there has been money issue between me and Halimat. I said Halimat, let us sit down, let us calculate what you have taken, how much is left, how much I’m going to refund you. She has been running away from that, all she’s saying is that I’m owing her N150milion.

“I got a contract from CCECC to supply sand, I had a site there and Halimat said she has one honourable who can bring money. Let me meet honorable she did not let allow me to meet him.

Eventually she said she has brought money from the honourable for us to do business. If you bring money for us to do business and I bought the equipment. You have sold all the equipment. She has sold all the excavator you said I bought excavator for N10million and I gave you a receipt of N15million, my brother there was an investor, I have taken the quotation for the investor that I need N5million, you have given me N5million. Your own is to wait for me, let me work, give you whatever your proceed is, but you are sitting on the business. She wants to know where I’m going, she wants to know how I’ve spent in the money. She went to meet my staff to tell her, my movement, she went to my manager to be telling her my every day activities.

“Halimat, has not allowed me to work for one day that I bought those equipment. Halimat has sold excavator. She has sold pay loader, She has sold 2 Howo trucks and she was asking me that I’m owing her N150million. I said, let’s sit down, this thing I’m telling you, there was a time my Aunty got involved because she is a Pastor. My Aunty told her to let us sit down and do calculation. Let us know how much you have collected, let us know how much you have sold and how much is left so that we can take it from there. But she’s not ready to do that. All she is saying is that I’m owing her N150million.

“To start with, you said I gave you a receipt of N15million, in the first instance, I didn’t even give her the receipt. Halimat is just going about causing issues, but Im just looking at her not because I don’t know what to do, not because I’m guilty, but he who lives in glass house, don’t throw stones.

“She has nothing. She doesn’t see tomorrow, she has no vision, that’s why I didn’t respond to her.”

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