Vox Pop: “We Want Dapo Abiodun For Second Term”- Ogun Indigenes, Residents Say

Many Residents of Ogun State across the three Senatorial districts; Ogun Central, West and East, have expressed their views on the performances of Governor Dapo Abiodun.
Majority of the respondents, who commented while the governor inspected nine projects across five local government area on Saturday, 30th October and through WhatsApp messages.
They agreed that Governor Dapo Abiodun deserves a second term.
This, they attributed to his people-oriented projects, which they said have placed him above his predecessors, adding that the Gateway State deserves the services of “such a committed and hardworking public officers to further move the state forward.”
Here are some responses by the residents, who were chosen indiscriminately across the senatorial districts.
Setting the ball rolling, Mr. Tajudeen Alabi, a 46-year-old trader from Ibara, Abeokuta, the state capital, stated that Governor Dapo Abiodun has brought governance nearer to the people, adding that he has proven to be a round peg in a round hole.
“For me, Governor Abiodun has done well and he has scored over 90%.”
This was corroborated by another resident of the state capital, 37-year-old businesswoman, Mrs. Iyabo Ajayi from Kobape, who commended the Governor on his programnes on healthcare, rural development, youth empowerment amongst others.
She added that she would definitely support the Governor for a second term, while urging him not to relent on his progressive programmes.
But for, Segun Adebola, a 50-year-old teacher from Oke Ijeun, there was no need for comments. Adebola said that if the Governor has performed, he was only carrying out his duties as a Governor.
Another respodent, a 53-year-old trader in Ake area of the state capital, Mr. John Emeka, said Abiodun is doing well and the people want him for a second term.
“I am particular about his technology hub across the state and the way he has reached out to farmers and his efforts on road construction. I want to urge our people to support him for a second term in office because he has performed beyond expectations,” he said.
Also commenting, 34 years old civil servant Olanrewaju Tijani in Oke Ilewo said the people of Abeokuta want more of the Governor, saying that nobody does it better.
While not trying to compare Abiodun with past governors, Tijani stressed that giving Abiodun a second term in office would allow him complete the numerous projects he has started and that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has proven to be a party of the people through the Governor.
Adeleke Ibiyemi, another 28-year-old resident of Isabo in the capital city, who works as a contractor, said that he would not want to say much, but that “time will tell if the people want more of the Governor from 2023.”
On her part, a 28-year-old housewife, Mrs. Ronke Adewale, resident of Itoku, who said that it might be hard to measure performance, emphasised that Governor Abiodun has shown that despite the resources available in the state, one could still do his best.
Adewale, who resides in Onikolobo, said she was born and grew up in the state, and that the transformation agenda of the current Governor is a proof that “we still have committed politicians in Nigeria.”
This was corroborated by a 60-year-old cleric, Mr. Steve Ikechukwu, a resident of Ijaiye, Abeokuta, who urged the people of the state to allow Governor Dapo Abiodun go for a second term saying that “this is the kind of person we need to drive the vehicle of our dear state.”
Malam Adamu Mohammed, a 49-year-old trader, and a resident of Itaoshin, who said he hailed from Borno State, explained that Governor Dapo Abiodun is a good man, who is passionate about development.
“I am from the North, but I can tell you that I have been in Ogun State for 20 years and if I should compare, this man has done better than others no matter what anybody says,” he said.
Respondents from Ogun East, who reacted to the Governor’s level of performances also agree that he has performed better than his predecessors.
A 57-year-old businessman, Mr. Oladipupo Onanuga, a resident of Odogbolu area, said Governor Dapo Abiodun has touched every area of the state within a short period.
“We in Ijebu area of Ogun State can attest to his performances. We have had several governors, who did not remember us. But we can feel Governor Abiodun through his people-oriented programmes in agriculture, healthcare, technology, sports development, road construction amongts others,” he said.
While Mr. Kunle Owode, a 35-year-old resident of Ijebu Igbo area and a company worker, said that he had no comment, but 67 years old Mr. Adewale Osinubi, a legal practitioner, who resides in Ijebu Ode said that the Governor has done well given the available resources in the state.
“You can see the way he handled the outbreak of COVID-19 and how #EndSARS protest was prevented in the state. We want our Govenor once again. He is the best man for the job,” he said.
Also commenting, 54-year-old, Mr. Dele Ariyo and a carpenter, who lives in Ijebu Isiwo said he would want the people of Ogun State to give the Governor another chance.
Ariyo stressed that Governor Dapo Abiodun has brought his experience in the private sector to bear and that he would expect that he would enjoy a massive support from the people to show that they appreciate good gestures.
In his view, 64-year-old Mr. Solomon Idimogu from Imo State, who lives in Shagamu said Governor Abiodun’s second term is secured, adding that the people of the state value his “good works.”
Idimogu, a trader, commended the Governor on his efforts over the tech hub across the state, infrastructure development,  youth empowerment, development of the education sector, healthcare amongst others.
“This man is trying. We appreciate his good gesture. What else do we want if we say he has not done well. We all know that the resources of the state are limited and he has managed the little that is available and we can all see what he has done so far,” he said.
Mr. Kehinde Ajisegbede, a 50-year-old commercial bus driver, in his response, said he would want Governor Dapo Abiodun to be given a second term without any stress because he has proven to be selfless and people-oriented.
Ajisegbede stated that there are proofs everywhere to show that the Governor has a good team as commissioners and special advisers, and that he was sure that “the man would not disappoint if given another chance.”
Mr. Rasheed Bolajoko, a 55-year-old medical doctor in Ijebu Isiwo, also want the Governor to be given another term, saying that his works are everywhere for everyone to see and promised to be part of  those that will campaign for the Governor.
In his response, Mr. Alamu Omolaja, a 37-year-old artisan, said that Ogun State has come a long way and that history would be on the side of Governor Dapo Abiodun as a man who ensured massive development of all the areas of the state.
“It is only dishonest people and those who play politics of bitterness that would not support this kind of man who has done well for our state.
“See the way he handled the issue of farmers/herders clash and other issues in the state. See his tech hubs, healthcare programmes, education programmes, youth empowerment, sports development, and others. There is no doubt that he deserves a second term of office,” he said.
For Lukman Onitiri, 45-year- old teacher, and Chukwuma Okeke, 56 years old trader, both residents of Ogere area of the state, Governor Dapo Abiodun is the best Governor Ogun State has ever had and that all hands must be on deck to ensure his success at the polls in 2023.
The people of Ogun West are not left out in the call for Governor Dapo Abiodun to be given a second term of office as the majority of the respondents believes that he should be allowed to continue the rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes that he started.
Commenting, Mrs. Ireti Oduwole, a 38-year-old nurse, who lives in Ota area said the people of the area feel the presence of the state government despite some of the challenges in the area.
Oduwole said that what she loves most about the Government is his listening ear and urged the people to give him another chance.
“Governor Dapo Abiodun has visited our area several times and he is attending to our needs. His Deputy, who happens to be our daughter, Eng. Nomiot Salako-Oyedele, has also shown that she is a perfect match and both of them are doing well.
“The work they started cannot be completed in four years, so we still need them around to complete the massive projects they are embarking upon,” she said.
For Mr. Tajudeen Odewale, a 65-year-old commercial bus driver in Oke Odan, Governor Dapo Abiodun has raised the bar of governance in Ogun State and he deserves a second term.
Odewale reiterated that sentiments should be put aside in such instance, saying that anyone who feels the Governor has not done well should come and mention the areas that have not been touched.
“I will give my vote to Governor Dapo Abiodun again and again. He is a man that has proven that he didn’t go to the office to amass wealth. Why can’t we give him another chance to further prove that he is ready to serve more than he is doing now,” he said.
Another respondent from the area, Adeleke Oluwaseun, 56 years old and a civil servant, who lives in Igbesa, said that he would rather keep his comment to his chest, while Mrs. Nimota Ojolowo, a 45-year-old trader in Sango Area commended the Government for his proactiveness.
Ojolowo gave an instance of the bad portion of Lagos-Abeoukuta Expressway in Sango, where he said the Governor is fixing with palliatives and the way he has been responding to the needs of the people.
“I remember during the lockdown occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor proved his mettle with his palliatives programmes and some other measures put in place to reduce the spread of the pandemic. To recall that this happened less than one year into his assumption of office, one would wonder how he was able to cope,” she said.
In his view, Mr. Sunday Ikechukwu, 58-year-old businessman in Owode, said that even the blind could see what Governor Dapo Abiodun has been doing for the people of the state since he got into office in 2019.
Ikechukwu advised those who have contrary opinions to give advice where necessary rather than running “the man down because I know what is happening in other states, where I go regularly for one business transaction or the other.”
Mr. Jamiu Alamu, a 30-year-old member of the National all Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), who resides in Ijoko area expressed satisfaction with the leadership style of the Governor, who he said listens to the advice of the residents at all times.
Alamu stressed that Governor Abiodun does not see himself as just a leader, but a servant-leader with love for his subject and urged him to keep up the good work.
“What will his opponents campaign with that the Governor has not done. He has touched all the areas that affect the people and he makes us understand at all times that he would continue to do his best.
“Nobody can solve all the problems, but our Governor is doing his best and we are happy with him. May God continue to help him and assist him to do all that he planned to do. For me and my people, we will vote for him 1001 times,” he stated.
Mr. Irewole Adeola, a 23-year-old student in Ilaro; Suraj Olokodana, a 38-year-old teacher in Ota and Taiwo Odukale, a 39-year-old contractor in Ijoko, also lent their support for the Governor and advised that Ogun State “cannot afford to deny such a committed man second term of office in 2023.”
This was supported by Mr. Kolawole Jones, 54-year-old electrical contractor in Oju Ore, who said that he has been following the administration of the Governor with keen interest and expressed satisfaction with his performances.
“Governor Dapo Abiodun is our man. We will give him our support, not just because of his performances, but for his right attitude to service.
“As Governor, what you need to do is to carry the people along and Governor Abiodun does that. He makes us to understand the situation of things and he explains to us why some things are yet to be done, with a promise that they would be done based on the capacity of the state and we have seen his ingenuity even in the area of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR),” he said.

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