Woman Alleges Threat To Life By Her Ex-Husband’s Family


A woman identified as Veronica Kentebe, has cried out for safety from alleged threats to her life by the family, friends and sympathizers of her former husband (now late) who she said she had already divorced before his death.

In an interview with Ogun News Express on the allegation the woman said when her former husband died his family members accused her of his death, and since then they with some of their friends and sympathizers have been harassing and threatening her through phone calls to revenge his death.
“Before my former husband died we had already divorced due to the unbearable domestic violence I suffered from him over his infertility issue. We started having issues very early in our marriage when I noticed his unhealthy sexual habits and behavior. I played along until I became uncomfortable with the habits, and asked him why he always subjected me to unhealthy sexual demands and molestation.

“He refused to explain the reason to me. Due to his refusal, I restrained him from further subjecting me to unhealthy sex making. He became violent and regularly forced me into unhealthy sex with him. In a bid to safe our marriage, I conducted some investigations on his unhealthy sexual habits and discovered that he had a low sperm count. When I told him this, he acknowledged it was true. I advised we seek solution to the problem, but he refused. Instead, he continued
demanding unhealthy sex with me and which I now began to refuse. Anytime I refused, he would violently beat me up, often times into coma. Eventually, he accepted, and we both traveled abroad on a medical treatment of his infertility,” she said.

Veronica said despite their medical visit abroad for the treatment of his infertility, her ex-husband continued subjecting her to unhealthy sex. “Whenever I refused he would beat me mercilessly. When I told his mother about this development she refused to caution him. Instead she told me to cooperate with him otherwise the family would deal ruthlessly with me if I divorce him. When I could no longer bear his spousal abuse I had to divorce him and we both remained divorced till he died.”

“When he died his family members accused me of his death. They said if I had not divorced him he wouldn’t have died as at the time he died. Since then the family members with a couple of their friends and sympathizers have been harassing me through phone calls and my family members in Nigeria to revenge his death. They have issued several death threats to me that scare me from going back to Nigeria,” she said.

Veronica said back then she reported the threats to her life to a law enforcement agent in Nigeria but she still fears her safety going back to Nigeria is not guaranteed because of the huge influence of her former husband’s family across Nigeria and with the present insecurity problems in the country. “My former husband’s family wields huge influence across Nigeria. With that and the present state of insecurity situations like kidnapping and banditry in Nigeria my safety going back to Nigeria again is not guaranteed with the threats to my life by my ex-husband’s family,” she stated.

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