Dearth Of Ethical Journalism, The Case Study Of Ogun And Daud Olatunji Of Punch

All over the world, there is consensus on the basis principles of journalism and free press, which encompasses truth and objectivity; as a matter of fact, journalism would be immediately reduced to mere mischief, at the point when truth and objectivity become alternative forgone.

The case of former Correspondent of Vanguard Newspaper, Bosun Olatunji, who later became Daud Olatunji at Punch Newspaper, before his inglorious exit recently as a Correspondent in Ogun State is a pathetic one and a case of ethical compromise in journalism.

That Daud Olatunji is habitually defiant and rebellious is inchoate, the suspended Punch Correspondent in Ogun State has unbridled flair for mischief and speculation, which he had brazenly displayed incessantly in every of his report since his days at Vanguard and most especially as Punch Correspondent in Ogun State.

In his desperate move to sell lies in the regalia of news, Olatunji also floated an online medium known as PLATFORMS to propagate his falsehood and propaganda as an alternative in case his national newspaper declined usage of several of his lies.

The latest of his infraction that got him out of Punch was the report he deliberately and dishonestly wrote about the Secretary to the Ogun State Government. Mr Tokunbo Talabi, who had petitioned the Department of State Services(DSS) over a satanic report in a section of the media, accusing him of money laundering and electoral manipulation through his former office at Superflux went to the office of the secret police to make some clarification on the petition; the visit that did not last more than forty minutes.

Unfortunately, Olatunji, while reporting the development glaringly displayed his usual style of yellow journalism, by throwing ethics of his profession in the dustbin and changed the narrative to deceive his editors to make the development appear as if the SSG was invited by the DSS for questioning.

He came up with this deceptive headline: “DSS Grills Ogun SSG Over Ballot Printing, COVID-19 Fund”.

Because conscience is an open wound that can only be healed by the truth, Punch, being a reputable media organization with conscience immediately swung into action and thoroughly investigated the matter following a letter of protest from the office of the SSG.

At the end of the day, it was confirmed by the Organization that the report was mischievous and a blatant lies aimed at defaming Mr Talabi and by extension discredit the government of Ogun State and as a result of these findings, the Organization suspend Mr Daud Olatunji indefinitely.

Obviously, truth is sacred!

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