DSS Interrogates Publishers Of Fake News Against Ogun SSG

The characters behind the false allegations against the Secretary to Ogun State Government (SSG), Tokunbo Talabi, are currently being interrogated by security agencies, The Guardian learnt.

Meanwhile, a particular character behind the fake publications has been arrested by the DSS for the prominent role he played in propagating the fake news against Talabi, which was aimed at tarnishing the SSG’s image and his family, and inciting the public against the Ogun State government.

The character was accused of surreptitiously obtaining the statement of account of Superflux Nigeria Ltd and manipulating the debit transaction it received after donating N20 million to the Ogun State COVID-19 fund as a credit inflow from Talabi, an action said to have greatly traumatised the SSG and members of his family, as well as the firm.

He was also accused of publishing fake news against Talabi, accusing him of using the firm to print ballot papers for 2023 polls in Ogun State, whereas the company, from which Talabi had officially disengaged following his appointment as SSG in 2019, had got no such contract from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Sources said the accused had since made confessional statements that he was suborned by a serving senator in Ogun State to bring down the SSG, whose meteoric rise in the state’s politics was said to have unsettled some politicians in the state.

However, a prominent news outfit has suspended indefinitely its Correspondent in Ogun State, following a complaint letter handed the company by Talabi’s lawyers, calling for a retraction of the story.

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