Sifaz Hotels & Suites, Providing Home Away From Home

-Why It Is Attracting Socialites


Sifaz Hotels & Suites has become a place of relief from the stress and pressure of life for all categories of people

The well-structured hospitality centre is providing home away from home for guests with serene environment and cool ambience, which are sources of attraction to socialites from all walks of life.

Those who have been opportune to enjoy the facilities provided in the hospitality centre have never stopped speaking about the uniqueness of the modern and conducive atmosphere of the hotel.

Located at 1 Orowadayo Street, Karonwi area, Owode off Lagos- Abeokuta road, Ogun State, Sifaz Hotels & Suites offers wide range of hospitality services with well trained staff and personnel.

Sifaz offers that escape from the societal norm and cuddles patrons with warm comfort.

It is blessed with a team of vibrant and enthusiastic staff that have been highly trained to give customers an exciting experience ranging from food to drinks, rooms and services.

Having placed priority on its customers and guests, the hotel has become an attraction to all lovers of pleasure and good life in the area and environs.

Their beautiful edifice boasts of 41 guestrooms with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and productive stay for work or play.

They serve variety of African and Intercontinental dishes. You can unwind at the bar, listen to cool music and sip on exotic drinks.

Sifaz Hotels has a conference room that sits 200 people conveniently with 24hours power supply and free internet connection.

Sifaz Hotel & Suites promises excellent accommodation, business and leisure experiences with guestrooms and luxury suites, and each room offers guests a unique combination of luxury and style.

For those yearning for a superb place to cool off and unwind, then Sifaz Hotels & Suites is the place to be, no wonder all and sundry attest to its uniqueness and exciting ambience that provide value for money.

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