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2023: Atiku’s Aide Says South West Must Change Voting Pattern

...Advocates Massive Sensitization


Senior Special Aide to the former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, Hon. Oladimeji Fabiyi has called on concerned stakeholders in south west Nigeria to initiate sensitization campaign to changing voting pattern in the zone.

He decried the percentage of voter turnout during 2019 general elections; According to him, it is becoming worrisome and must not be allowed to continue. Saying every eligible voter in south west must endeavour to exercise his or her voting right as the nation’s constitution has stated, adding that Nigeria’s democracy can only perform better when more people vote.

He however called on stakeholders in the zone to push efforts to increase voter turnout and encourage participation in the political process.

The Director General, Amalgamated Atiku Support Group (AASG) in a press interview shortly after meeting state executive of the group at Park inn Radisson in Abeokuta, the state capital maintained that voters must understand the important of their vote to choose the right candidate to govern the country.

“the issue of south west not committed to voting is becoming very worrisome, especially from the last two general elections. Historically, South West made Nigeria’s democratization process succeed, hence its beat someone imagination now that the involvement of the zone is not as it should be in terms of voting but I think, largely what we should do, is for the active players in politics to get on more orientation and let people know the essence of participating in democratization process particularly voting; the people need to know voting is their right and they must vote.”

On Atiku’s presidential ambition, Fabiyi reiterated that, the former vice president will contest with optimism that, his emergence will be well received by every session of the country.

He extolled the virtues and credentials of former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, saying he will soon declare his intention to run for Nigeria’s number one seat.

“Atiku Abubakar is a goal getter, he will run and win for the people of Nigeria. In 2023, Nigeria needs a leader who will move the country forward. A leader who will enjoy massive acceptance from every part of the country in addition to his capacity, character and vision.

“In Nigeria today, we are now afraid of each other. Look at South East, is like a war zone, look at North East there is like war zone, North West is facing insecurity problem and kidnapping; so we don’t trust ourselves anymore, we are so scared of moving from one place to the other and no thanks to President Buhari who has divided us more, we have never been this divided in this country.”

He pointed out that, with the current misruling of the incumbent APC-led government, the country has been taken 50 years backward hence the need to think about who can actually activate the necessary change that we need regardless of his age, tribe or religion.

“We need somebody who can unite us. Igbos are afraid of the Yorubas, Yorubas are afraid of the hausas, Hausas are afraid of the Fulanis. like I said no thanks to President Buhari who has brought us to this point. So what we need to do is to bring on board somebody with character, and capacity that can unite this country. Nigeria is one and we want it to remain one; even after the civil war, we come back to be together, so for me, what we need now is that man who can fix the bill like Atiku Abubakar, who has shown character, capacity whose emergence will be well received by every session of the country.

“North East will not deny him,
North Central will not deny him, North West will not deny him, South East will not also deny him, because he is there friend, long term associate and in-law. In South West, it is same thing and in South South, he has given them businesses that have made their children excel in life. He relationship everywhere. He is totally detribalized, we need somebody like that to bring the country back together, revamp the economy because we are on the principice right now. So if care is not taken, and if we don’t do what we need to do, then we run into more troubles.”

Meanwhile, the Ogun State Coordinator of Amalgamated Atiku Support Group, Hon. Waliu Oladipupo said the group will stand on Atiku’s mandate.

“the vision is that, Atiku Abubakar being an experienced man get the opportunity to run the affairs of country because Nigeria is currently enmeshed with several challenges particularly the economy as prices of commodities are actually skyrocketing daily, stressing that, the group will preach the gospel to the people to make sure Atiku Abubakar emerge and fix Nigeria for a better future”.


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