Chief Kayode Odunaro Replies Chief Bolarinwa Omololu On Yayi!

On this matter, your blame on Akpabio is off the mark. As you acknowledge, has a right to his opinion and as President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he is entitled to comment on any issue of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE relating to governance in Nigeria from Sokoto in the north to Ilaro in the south. And I think he should be taken seriously as the No. 3 Citizen as well as on the basis of the justice of the case he made. And Akpabio did not ONLY advocates for Yewa Awori and Yayi for 2027. He talked on the massive infrastructure deficit in Ogun West which he promised to champion reversal. And contrary to your position, Yayi has done much for the development of Ogun West in recent history than anyone else. This is not only in term of direct human impact empowerment of thousands but in massive infrastructural development the few examples being the ultra modern multipurpose Asade Agunloye Pavilion in Ilaro, which CANNOT be found ANYWHERE in Ogun State, a modern research Library at Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, the almost completely Itele Road Construction and Erosion control etc etc…. These are not stomach infrastructure gimmick as you posited. Since becoming Senator of Ogun West massive infrastructural projects are ongoing for which letters of commendation have started pouring in. They includes Construction of Block of 12 Classrooms with Library and Solar Power Boreholes in 10 schools at the rate of 2 per LGA of Ogun West. All have passed roof level of completion. Ongoing also are Intensive Care Units ICU at General Hospital Ota and Ilaro as well as Primary Health Care Centres in other major location. Or do we see the two roads construction for each LGA as stomach infrastructure. Certainly a paradigm change has come with the coming of Senator Yayi to Ogun West which was the reason Akpabio tipped him for a democratic contest in 2027. We are happy that with the coming of Yayi, Ogun West now have a minister for the first time since 1999 in the person of the DG of Yayi Campaign Organization in Ogun West.
Yes our leaders in Yewa Think Tank, YTT, of which I am a bona fide financial member since 2004, have done and are still doing their bit, myself inclusive. But at this point Yewa Awori deserves a ‘ disruptor’ to start reversing age long marginalization and put down by their brothers and sisters from other parts of Ogun State.

For now let’s say 2027 is still way off. But before then, Yewa Awori will experience what EFFECTIVE REPRESENTATION means in Senator Adeola Yayi.

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