I Don’t Celebrate Redemption, Says Pastor Olayiwola Olumide

By Habeebat Ajayi


Rev.Dr Olayiwola Olumide Mercy Samson of the Trustee of Divine Universal Churches of Christ international says he doesn’t celebrate the redemption day

He made this known at the celebration of his Thirty_Three (33) years of Pulpit held at the church premises Oke Ata Abeokuta, Ogun state.

He declared that Jesus came for the world not for Christians alone

His words,”Jesus came for the world not for Christians alone that is why I don’t support pastor that personalizing Jesus as if they were the one that gave birth to him.

“Jesus appeared in all religion Islam, buddhism,satanism, all religion therefore Jesus is not for Christian alone his for the world”he said.

Pastor Olayiwola accused the leaders for causing Religion Violence in the nation, while urging them to remove religion in governance

He said,”I would like to advise our leaders who are causing problem for the leaders of religion they should remove religion in governance they should remove chapel and mosque in government house, let religion remains in the house of religion there is nothing that concern Government with religion .

“They were promoting Islam and Christianity what about the traditionalist(Ise se) people they pay tax too and God doesn’t love both Christians and Muslims alone he love them too, why will rain fell and didn’t exclude traditionalist house likewise the sun.

“But religious leaders today saw the money in Aso rock that is why they want a share from it , if they can do that there won’t be any problem in this country.
Okay, they said Islam and Christianity is a religion of peace and love and we are fighting each other.

” It means that it is we leaders that are deceiving this people Quran 14 vs 4 says that those prophet sent by Allah must speak the language of the people why can’t they be speaking Yoruba in Act chapter 2 people receives tongues with interpretation why are the pastor’s speaking in tongues here and people can hear there sermon even they were learning it”.

He further adviced the Followers of the Two religion to deceit from the hypocrite of the leaders.

“The religious leaders are deceiving people they should please put off the boundage of the religion leaders and start reading the Quran and Bible therefore they won’t allow anybody to deceived them” he opined

While narrating his experience in the service of the Lord he urged the upcoming pastor to endure in any challenges that comes there way.

His words,”The journey was good and smooth because I don’t want to discourage the upcoming pastor, there are alot of things you we meet while growing in the ministry there are different challenges that you will faced but if you are called genuinely you won’t look other side according to Hebrew 12 vs 2 you will be looking unto Jesus by doing so you will excel”.

However, pastor Olayiwola claimed to pursue his talent after the 33 years celebration of serving thy lord

“After this celebration the ministry is moving forward my life will move forward all sizes of my life acting preaching, singing and publishing I will focus on it better now For people to know that you can be a pastor and also promote your talent “.

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