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Itele Obaship Crisis: Hon Waliu Taiwo Blasts Adogun Itele Family Members Who Lied Against Him

.. Explains How He Brought EX- President Obasanjo Into Itele Crisis

Chairman of the Ogun State House of Assembly Service Commission (OGSHSC), Hon. Waliu Taiwo has responded to a diatribe written by some members of Adogun Family in Itele Community area of Ado-Odo/Ota area of Ogun State, where he was accused along with the Olota of Ota, HRM, Oba (Prof.) Adeyemi Abdulkabir Obalanlege of supporting Ademola Asorota for the position of the traditional rulers of Iteleland against the Adogun Family.
Taiwo also debunked the allegations that the mismanaged the N400million approved for the construction of Itele-Lafenwa-Ayetoro Road as commissioner for works under former governor Gbenga Daniel of Ogun State.
Taiwo, a top and leading politician from Yewa-Awori area of the state, also recalled his efforts on Itele crisis as commissioner in the state and how he influenced former president Olusegun Obasanjo to intervene in the matter, while in office.
The former commissioner made some other revelations in the no-holds-barred reply as he cautioned the Adogun Family against “insulting the revered Olota of Ota and making false claims.”
The reply is produced here verbatim.
It was on Sunday when the HC for local government, Hon Afuape forwarded a write up from a member of Adogun family to me. After going through it, my initial reaction was to ignore, because giving a reply was to dignify a fool and by trying to fight a pig, you make the pig happy and you become dirty.
I later took the decision to reply because I want to put the record straight and the insult he passed on HRM, the Olota of Ota by this educated illiterate, omo ti ko niran.
I wonder how anybody in his right senses would think of insultive language and compilation of lies? I believe the person must be mad, and  his home is the Aro mental hospital.
To put the record straight, I have no vested interest in the land in Itele. it was late Sadiku Ogundimu aka Asua who came to me for help. He wanted to meet OBJ concerning the land baba bought in Itele, that his land was part of the land fenced by Obj. I took him to Obj who was still the president. Obj  listened to his predicament and i even went further that Obj should intervene in Itele crisis so that there will be lasting peace in Itele land. Obj then set up three man peace committee with Chief Akanle as the chairman Aig zone 2, Israel Ajao and my humble self being the commissioner for work then as members. The first and the only meeting was held in zone 2 onikan Lagos.
At the meeting I advised all of them to embrace peace since they are all Aworis, more so, they are all brothers and sisters. I then left for Abeokuta.
To my surprise, the next day at front page of Punch newspaper it was boldly stated that the president Obj was using the commissioner for works, Hon Lai Taiwo to take over their land. They even further to stage protest at AIT,  passing all sorts of insult on the president. The president then ordered mobile police to move to Ayetoro to protect his land. Their opponent capitalized on the presence of the mobile police and chased both the Baale and Chief Akapo and all the the so called Adogun family out of Ayetoro. The Baale could not wait to move his car and it was there for a long period. I challenge these bastards to go back to Ayetoro to establish themselves there again. After all, you claimed to be the son of the soil.
This idiot call me a liar when I mentioned that Osoba government which I was part of as a member of the house of assembly and Chief Alani Akinde was our leader then, you also claimed that Itele have been having oba since and trying Itele on the same level with Ota. You must be out of mind, you are absolutely insane.
Chief Akapo is still alive, you should ask which of his great great grandfather that had ever been crowned an oba and the world where his palace is located. 
What ever anybody say,  give kudos to Kabiesi Arowolo because he spent his money to bring oba to Itele.
About the supreme Court judgement you are claiming for Adogun family, it was many families that came together to form “Adogun family”. You failed to mention the Justice Akinyemi judgement which revealed that Adogun is a new creation with different families coming together to fight Kabiesi Arowolo who happens to be the first oba of Itele. Rikisi payin po e di ore and now different families want to bear their father names.
You asked me to come and account 400m naira that was put in works ministry to fix Itele road. You should have asked your father to ask, not stupid and mentally deranged people like you. 
For your information, I was an engineer with ITT and also the first African instructor. I contested and I won election twice into the house of assembly. I was Commissioner for works, commissioner for housing and commissioner for agric. I was also a director in both NTA and Jos steel 
Rolling Mills as federal appointment. 
Try and mention any of  your family members that is fit to be councillor in this state. I’m almost 40yr in politics and for me to be relevant till now, it means that there is certain qualities people see in me which can never be found in any member of your family. 
To get back to what you accused me of, if you are intelligent enough, you would have known that government doesn’t drop money like that. 
The fact of the case is that when I was campaigning for house of assembly, I met Itele community in baba Aro’s house and the only request from me was Itele road. They voted for me.
As a member of assembly, under motion adjournment I always raised the issue but nothing was done about it. 
When I became commissioner for works, I took itele road as my first project. It’s a known fact at that time anybody coming to Ota from Itele would have to pass through Ayobo Iyana ipaja before coming to Ota. I fixed the road and that was what brought development to that axis. It’s on record that the remaining money on the job that was used to fix Papa Aro road, sepele osi round about road, abebi road and CMC/Iwaye/Central mosque. I’m not surprised about this irresponsible family yours who have equally accused HC for local government of collecting 100m naira from Ademola Asorota.
As regards the insult passed on Olota, you are only insulting your family because a blind man know that there is a development in Ota. Look at the ultra modern palace. Aworis can move freely in Sango and there are more awori Baales in Sango which is great departure from what we had in the past.
Eni ba foju di awowo awo. Awowo lo ma wo gbogbo yin pa
To put the record straight it was the same time that oba ilogbo, oba Koko ebiye and oba itele were approved.
.. Hon Lai Taiwo

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