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The Iganmode Club Honours Global Mathematics Genius, Faith Odunsi

A foremost club in Ota, ‘Iganmode club’, has on Wednesday, honored Faith Odunsi, the ‘Global Mathematics Champion’.

At a reception held to celebrate excellence as well as hard work which was put together by one of the leading societies in Ota, Iganmode club, the Global mathematics Champion, Faith Odunsi was described as a ‘Shining Star’ who should be well celebrated by the society.

Mr Bolaji Oyedeko, the Club’s President, while honoring Faith, said, ‘she has not only brought honor to her school, the Ambassadors College, Ota, she has also succeeded in putting Ota and the state on a global map.

Ambassadors Students

“This award which the club is giving out is not for Faith only, but for her Teachers who have been tutoring her right from the onset, and to students alike so as to encourage them to do more in their academics”. He said.

Mr. Bolaji Oyedeko

Recall that 15 year old Odunsi Faith, took part in the Global Open Mathematics Competition and emerged victorious as she beat competitors from China, UK, US, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia in a global math competition. She also set a new record at the last edition of Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition by answering 19 questions in 60 seconds.

Speaking with VOA news Correspondent on why the club decided to honour Faith and her colleagues, Mr Bolaji Oyedeko said, ‘The Iganmode Club is a social cultural group that promotes the cultural values of Ota, and the club felt they had to appreciate the students for making the name, Ota known not only in nigeria, but globally.

He advised parents not to look at the turn of events economically in the country, but they should continue encouraging their children because there is no amount of money spent on them that they won’t recoup in the future.

Pastor Osewa, founder of the school, while expressing gratitudes to members of Iganmode Club, said, the management and staff of Ambassadors College would forever be appreciative to the club for identifying with their students.

Pastor Osewa

He assured that his school would continue to strive in order to bring academic excellence to the town, Ogun state and Nigeria at large.

Faith Odunsi, in a chat with VOA News Correspondent shortly after the presentation, said that she was able to achieve excellence through hard work and diligence.

Faith Odunsi

Though, she said that she has a time which is reserved for leisure as ‘all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’, while encouraging parents and students alike to invest more on education as ‘it is the only panacea to success’.

In a similar twist, the club delegation, which was led by Mr. bolaji Oyedeko, extended a hand of fellowship to Iganmode Grammar School, Ota also to appreciate some of their students who have brought glory to the school and the community as a whole.

VOA News gathered that Iganmode Grammar School, Ota recently won the National Spelling Bee Competition. Some of their students were also ranked among the best 45 students in Ogun state.

More so, the club appreciated the school teachers for imbibing culture of discipline in the students and also training them according to international best practises; despite the fact that the school is government owned.

Alhaji Salako

In a show of appreciations, the school Principal, Alhaji Salako, expressed gratitudes to the club for appreciating and encouraging his students as the effort would further encourage other students to strive harder.

Iganmode Grammar School former Principal and Baale of Konifewo, High Chief J.K Obalanlege, former President of Iganmode Club, Mr. Fola Akinde, the Club’s Social Director, Mr. Akeem Akinbo were part of the delegation that visited the schools.

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