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2023 Ado Odo/Ota Reps: Youths, Women, Artisans, Others Declare Support For Tunji Akinosi

... Tell Ojugbele To Prepare For His Village

Youths, women, artisans, traders and others in the 16 wards in  Ado-Odo/Ota Federal Constituency area of Ogun State have declared their  support for the current Commissioner for Forestry in the state, Hon. Tunji Akinosi over his ambition to represent them at the Federal House of Representatives from 2023 under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).
Speaking through some of their representatives, the youth, women and the traders in the area said that they were tired of the lack lustre attitude of the incumbent member of the Federal House of Representatives from the area, Hon. Jimoh Ojugbele, who they said has failed to do their bidding since he got to the chamber some years back.
A youth in the area, Shakiru Ogundele said in an interview that Akinosi is a man that can promote their interest and ensure that the youths are catered for in a proper way as a lawmaker.
Ogundele stated that Akinosi has proven his worth through his various programmes and support for the youths since he got to office as a commissioner, adding that time has come for them to take action.
“Our future is in our hands. We cannot continue with a man like Ojugbele, who is not promoting our cause. Hon. Akinosi is tested and trusted and we believe in his leadership ability.
“He will move Ado-Odo/Ota Federal Constituency forward in his time. We have made up our minds on this and there is not going back,” he said.
Another youth, Oluwatoyin Arowosegbe, urged the people of the area not to be deceived, but to see Hon. Tunji Akinosi as the man that will turn things around in the constituency.
“Hon. Akinosi is tested and trusted. I have no doubt in my mind that he will not disappoint. He has done it before, he is doing it now and he will do it again if we give him a chance to go to Abuja to represent us.
“Some of us have benefitted from his humanitarian gestures and we can tell you for free that he is a good man and a lover of the area,” she said.
Also speaking on behalf of women, Mrs. Salewa Idris said that Hon. Akinosi has shown that he is a good leader that has the love of his people at heart.
Idris said that Akinosi has empowered several women through his numerous empowerment programmes and that she is sure that he would do more as a member of the Federal House of Representatives.
“Women in Ado-Odo/Ota are solidly behind Hon. Akinosi and we believe that he will deliver, when he gets to Abuja
“We are tired of a man, who kept promising us every time there is an election only to turn his back to us, when he gets to Abuja.
“Ado-Odo/Ota deserves better representation and we can see that in Hon. Tunji Akinosi. He will definitely do what we want when he gets to Abuja next year,” she said.
A trader in Oju Ore area of the constituency, Adetoun Olusegun urged the leaders of the APC to give their support to Hon. Tunji Akinosi, who she said has development plans for the people of the area.
Olusegun said that action speaks louder than words, adding that time has come for the people of Ado-Odo/Ota Federal Constituency to support a man that loves them with all his heart.
“That is why we have all decided to support Hon. Tunji Akinosi this time around and we know that God Almighty will make it come true so that our area can move forward from where it is at the moment.
“Hon. Jimoh Ojugbele has failed us and we want another person to move to the green chamber to serve our interest. We have had enough of people that cannot fulfill their campaign promises,” she said.

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